Yahoo Poll: Are you concerned by Blu Jaz losing its public entertainment licence?

Blu Jaz Cafe has had its public entertainment licence cancelled from 22 October 2018. (Photo: Blu Jaz Cafe)

Popular Kampong Glam entertainment outlet Blu Jaz was recently told by the police that its public entertainment licence will be terminated with effect from next Monday (22 October).

While it can continue to operate without the licence, it can no longer hold the live performances it has become known for.

It lost its licence due to repeated overcrowding, a problem it has found “difficult to manage”. It also failed to ensure windows and doors remained closed.

The venue’s loss of its licence was met with dismay from loyal customers, who were upset at the loss of “one of the last few locations” to have live performances.

How do you feel about the venue’s loss of licence? Have your say in our poll, and leave a comment below.

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