Yahoo Poll: Are Singaporeans as generous as our World Giving Index ranking suggests?

Fireworks light up Marina Bay in Singapore in 2017. (File photos: Reuters/Edgar Su)

It appears that Singaporeans might just have it in them to be generous. British non-profit the Charity Aid Foundation has ranked Singapore seventh in its 2018 list of the world’s most generous countries.

The Republic came in 64th just five years ago. Rankings are based on surveys of residents of each country about whether they have helped a stranger, donated to a charity or volunteered.

Interestingly, Indonesia ranked first this year, with Australia and New Zealand in second and third place, respectively. (Perhaps even more surprising was that Myanmar had previously topped the list four years in a row.)

Do you feel that Singapore is as generous in reality as it appears on paper? Have your say in our poll and leave a comment below.

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