Yahoo Poll: What do you think of mystery box vending machines?

An empty mystery box vending machine at Bugis+. (Photo: Yahoo News Singapore)

The Singapore Police Force recently warned that operating ‘mystery box’ vending machines is illegal, because they are considered a form of public lottery.

The machines dispense a prize that is unknown to the user before they insert a certain amount of money. Typically, users insert $10 per box, with the hope of receiving items ranging from USB chargers to iPhone X handsets or video games consoles.

According to the police, this constitutes an offence under Section 5(a) of the Common Gaming Houses Act.

In light of this, at least one operator of such machines has hit the off button.

What is your view on the issue? Is the police warning an overreaction, or should these mystery prize machines be illegal? Take our poll, and leave a comment below.

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