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Thursday 12 March

1. The Duke of Cambridge was announced as a patron of which charity on Thursday?

London’s Air Ambulance Read more

2. Which former Play School presenter collected a damehood at Buckingham Palace on Thursday?

Floella Benjamin Read more

3. Which Hollywood actor revealed he has tested positive for coronavirus?

Tom Hanks Read more

Wednesday 11 March

1. Which model wore a full hazmat suit to the airport amid coronavirus fears?

Naomi Campbell Read more

2. A trailer for which horror film was accidentally included in a Spotify playlist of children's lullabies?

It: Chapter Two Read more

3. The first Premier League match has been cancelled due to coronavirus, who was meant to be playing?

Arsenal and Manchester City Read more

Tuesday 10 March

1. Which Premier League side told fans on Tuesday that players will not sign autographs during the coronavirus crisis?

Newcastle United Read more

2. Which Labour leadership hopeful became embroiled in a heated row with TV presenter Piers Morgan over the issue of transgender rights on Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain?

Lisa Nandy Read more

3. Two new Irn-Bru flavours are going into production after being chosen in a public vote. What are they?

Tropical and ice cream Read more

Monday 9 March

1. American brothers Vlad and Nikita aged four and six, have topped the YouTube rich list 2020. How much do they earn per video?

£240,500 Read more

2. Which musician did Prince Harry ‘elbow bump’ with at the Commonwealth Day service after being advised not to shake hands?

Craig David Read more

3. Which England rugby player has been cited after appearing to the grab the genitals of the Welsh captain during their Six Nations match on Sunday?

Joe Marler Read more

Thursday 5 March

1. Former prime minister Gordon Brown has backed which candidate in the Labour leadership race?

Keir Starmer Read more

2. Which celebrity chef was made an MBE in an investiture ceremony at Buckingham Palace on Thursday?

Ainsley Harriott Read more

3. What skill did the Prince William try his hand at as he and Kate Middleton visited Galway as part of their three-day tour of Ireland?

Juggling Read more

Wednesday 4 March

1. What have Scarlett Johansson, Brad Pitt, Renée Zellweger and Leonardo DiCaprio signed to raise funds to save the late artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman’s cottage?

A suit Read more

2. What London landmark could be up for sale after the owner received multiple bids of more than £1bn?

The Ritz Read more

3. Which late singer has been honoured with a stone on Camden’s Music Walk of Fame?

Amy Winehouse Read more

Tuesday 3 March

1. Millions of American voters are voting for a Democratic Party nominee for the Presidential race – what is the polling day known as?

Super Tuesday Read more

2. Which celebrity environmentalist has launched a legal challenge against HS2?

Chris Packham Read more
3. Which England rugby player is ruled out of the next Six Nations fixture as he is self-isolating over coronavirus fears?

Mako Vunipola Read more

Monday 2 March

1. Which comedian has legally changed his name to Hugo Boss as a protest against the company's use of trademark claims?

Joe Lycett Read more

2. Which Disney remake has removed a character from the reboot, citing the influence of the #MeToo movement?

Mulan Read more

3. Who has had a baby carrier added to theirMadame Tussauds wax figure?

Boris Johnson Read more

Thursday 27 February

1. Greta Thunberg is attending a climate change protest in which UK city?

Bristol Read more

2. Who will represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

James Newman Read more

3. Which company has banned villains from using its products on screen, according to the director of Star Wars?

Apple Read more

Wednesday 26 February

1. Which former Olympic champion did the Duchess of Cambridge compete against on the running track at the London Stadium for a SportsAid event?

Jessica Ennis-Hill Read more

2. Which car giant announced plans to cut its UK dealerships by around 50% amid “unsustainable” profit levels?

Ford Read more

3. The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in South America – in which major city was it recorded?

Sao Paolo Read more

Tuesday 25 February

1. A former marine has broken the Guinness World Record for the longest plank. How long did he hold it for?

Eight hours Read more

2. Which city will Prince Harry visit when he returns to the UK tomorrow?

Edinburgh Read more  

3. Which two members of England’s World Cup-winning cricket team received honours at Buckingham Palace from the Duke of Cambridge on Tuesday?

Ben Stokes and Jos Buttler Read more

Monday 24 February

1. Which fashion designer was among the protesters out in support for Julian Assange as his extradition hearing began on Monday?

Vivienne Westwood Read more 

2. The owner of which high street clothing retailer has warned of a risk of supply shortages later in the year if factory delays in China caused by the coronavirus outbreak are prolonged?

Primark Read more

3. Tripadvisor has suspended reviews of which “attraction” in the Derbyshire town of Ilkeston after a slew of spoof write-ups?

A NatWest cash machine Read more

Friday 21 February

1. Which rock band has donated £3,000 to victims of Storm Dennis flooding in Wales?

Manic Street Preachers Read more

2. The new polymer £20 note has come into circulation. What will happen to £40 billion of the old ones?

Made into compost Read more

3. Who has mocked South Korean film Parasite and its best picture victory at the Oscars?

Donald Trump Read more

Thursday 20 February

1. Prince Harry will attend an Invictus Games event on February 28 with which rock star?

Jon Bon Jovi Read more

2. What musical instrument did a woman play while she was undergoing brain surgery at King’s College Hospital in London?

The violin Read more

3. Which BBC Radio 1 DJ failed to turn up for their show on Wednesday following a night at the Brit Awards?

Greg James Read more

Wednesday 19 February

1. Britain's oldest person, Hilda Clulow, has died. How old was she?

111 Read more

2. Which rapper branded Boris Johnson a "real racist" during last night's Brit Awards?

Dave Read more

3. Who said that people thought they were "dotty" for raising concerns about plastic waste in the 1970s?

Prince Charles Read more

Tuesday 18 February

1. Who said on Tuesday that Londoners should be able to keep EU citizenship after Brexit?

Sadiq Khan Read more

2. The new £20 bank note enters circulation this week. Which artist is featured on it?

JMW Turner Read more

3. Who has pledged to give away $10bn to tackle climate change?

Jeff Bezos Read more

Monday 17 February

1. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition demanding Boris Johnson does what?

Stops attacking the BBC Read more

2. A ring lost in the US 47 years ago turned up this week, where was it?

A forest in Finland Read more

3. What did armed thieves in Hong Kong steal amid coronavirus shortage fears?

600 toilet rolls Read more

Friday 14 February

1. What item of clothing worn by Queen frontman Freddie Mercury is to go on show at the V&A Museum in London?

A kimono Read more

2. Who was announced as the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives on Friday?

Jackson Carlaw Read More

3. Billie Eilish is the latest musician to record a song for a James Bond film – what's it called?

No time to die Read more

Thursday 13 February

1. Which Grime star has rescheduled part of his world tour over coronavirus fears?

Stormzy Read more

2. Which actor will return for the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids reboot?

Rock Moranis Read more

3. Which social media giant has been forced to delay the launch of its dating service amid privacy concerns?

Facebook Read more

Wednesday 12 February

1. What creature did the Duchess of Cambridge handle on a surprise trip to Northern Ireland?

A snake Read more

2. What major motorsport event has been postponed due to the global coronavirus outbreak?

The Chinese Grand Prix Read more

3. Which DJ has criticised the organisers of Reading and Leeds festivals for having a “male-heavy” line-up?

Annie Mac Read more

Tuesday 11 February

1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced they would embark on their first ever trip to which country in March?

Ireland Read more

2. As Storm Ciara comes to an end, the Met Office has announced a new storm will hit the UK this weekend. What's it called?

Storm Dennis Read more

3. Robyn Peoples and Sharni Edwards were the first people in Northern Ireland to do what on Tuesday?

Have a same-sex marriage Read more

Monday 10 February

1. Which film was nominated an impressive 10 times but failed to win a single category?

The Irishman Read more 

2. Which actor admitted he was 'difficult to work with' in his acceptance speech?

Joaquin Phoenix Read more

3. Elton John won his second Oscar for Best Original Song from the film Rocketman. From what film did he win his first Oscar?

Lion King Read more

Friday 7 February

1. Which musician will host a special party for contestants in the Love Island villa this weekend?

Sean Paul Read more

2. Dame Karen Pierce has been announced as the new British ambassador to which country?

The US Read more

3. Which rock legend announced he has finally given up smoking aged 76?

Keith Richards Read more

Thursday 6 February

1. Which pop legend had her gig cut short in London because she was overrunning?

Madonna Read more

2. Which British actor was delighted to receive a specially-commissioned sculpture of Barbra Streisand’s face?

Richard E Grant Read more

3. What record did US astronaut Christina Koch break today?

The longest spaceflight by a woman Read more

Wednesday 5 February

1. Which legendary 70s glam rock band have split after 53 years?

Slade Read more

2. A video of which two creatures crossing a road together has  been described as "the first of its kind"?

A coyote and a badger Read more 

3. Whose bodyguard left a loaded gun in the toilet of a plane?

David Cameron Read more

Tuesday 4 February

1. Which word does animal rights charity Peta want to ban?

Pets Read more

2. Why was a city banker on a seven-figure salary suspended from his job?

Stealing from the canteen Read more

3. Eurostar announced a direct train to which European city?

Amsterdam Read more

Monday 3 February

1. How many days did Pamela Anderson's marriage to film producer Jon Peters last?

12 Read more

2. Which chain has been praised for its advert about a transperson?

Starbucks Read more

3. Which animal was filmed clapping underwater for the first time?

A seal Read more

Friday 31 January

1. Which major TV show announced its final season today?

The Crown Read more

2. Which pub chain slashed the price of its drinks to mark Brexit day?

Wetherspoons Read more

3. Voice actor Harley Bird stepped down today after 13 years playing which cartoon character?

Peppa Pig Read more

Thursday 30 January

1. Which politician revealed a portrait of himself today named 'Mr Brexit'?

Nigel Farage Read more

2. The Tate Britain defended a job ad for a 'head of coffee' role today. What was the salary?

£40,000 Read more

3. Which controversial media figure had her Twitter account suspended today?

Katie Hopkins Read more

Wednesday 29 January

1. Which show beat Fleabag and Derry Girls to be crowned best comedy at last night's National TV Awards?

Mrs Brown’s Boys Read more

2. A veteran on the US version of Antiques Roadshow collapsed after being told an item he bought for £265 was worth £500,000, what was it?

A Rolex watch Read more

3. Which company was stripped of its rail franchise after consistently failing to deliver a reliable service?

Tuesday 28 January

1. Why did insurer Aviva have to apologise to thousands of customers today?

It mistakenly called them all Michael Read more

2. What did a sumo wrestler in Japan do after he won a tournament despite being ranked lowest?

He burst into tears Read more

3. Which world leader was indicted today on corruption charges after he withdrew his request for parliamentary immunity?

Benjamin Netanyahu Read more

Monday 27 January

1. Which Tory MP was behind the failed campaign to have Big Ben bong to mark Brexit on January 31.

Mark Francois Read more

2. What does Sir Philip Pullman claim is missing from the commemorative Brexit 50p coin?

An Oxford comma Read more

3. Ofcom has dropped a complaint against which comedian over comments she made about battery acid on BBC Radio 4?

Jo Brand Read more

4. Which British singer was mistaken for a seat-filler at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles?

Lewis Capaldi Read more

Friday 24 January

1. Which reality star says she won't drink tap water because 'that's how the government will kill us'?

Dani Dyer Read more 

2. In which city is the Cod's Scallops, the chippy voted the best in the UK?

Nottingham Read more

3. Which politician shared a Meghan Markle quote on their Instagram account?

Hillary Clinton Read more

Thursday 23 January

1. Which actor, producer and director is to be honoured with the outstanding contribution to cinema award at the British Academy film awards next month?

Andy Serkis Read more

2. Why was the Queen forced to cancel her annual visit to the Sandringham Women's Institute?

She has a cold and “is not up to it” Read more

3. Which sweet treat has been baked in space, having been prepared in a special oven on board the International Space Station?

Chocolate chip cookies Read more

Wednesday 22 January

1. Lisa Nandy received the backing of which former Labour leadership rival as she made it onto the final ballot paper for the contest?

Jess Phillips Read more

2. What is the key to a perfect cup of coffee, according to scientists at the University of Portsmouth?

Fewer beans, ground more coarsely Read more

3. Which prison did the Duchess of Cambridge visit on Wednesday as part of the launch of her landmark national survey about the early years development of children?

HMP Send Read more