Yay Wednesday! | Ian Veneracion Edition


Yay Wednesday! |

Ian Veneracion Edition

By Abu Poblete

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What a time to be alive! We now live in a world where if you feel infuriated, sad or stressed out, we can turn to the internet for something to make us go WHAT THE FLYING….?!?

Here is a list of the best the ‘net has to offer this week. And why Ian Veneracion?  Just scroll down the list to see why.

 Safety first! Mag-ingat!

This is why you hire professionals.


Took me a minute to get the second one

Idol ko talaga si Brono Mar eh.


This unexpected easter egg in Moana



K, ka lang, Ed Sheeran?


It’s Ed Sheeran but not as you know him… Via TheKosmic8

Posted by The Hook on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You havin’ a bad day. Ed?