Yayasan Sabah student loan borrowers can get 20 pct rebate


KOTA KINABALU: Student loan borrowers of Yayasan Sabah Group will now be able to enjoy a 20 percent rebate, in an effort to encourage defaulters to start making repayments.

Yayasan Sabah director Datuk Sapawi Ahmad, announcing this in a statement, said borrowers can take up the offer during the fifth series of the group’s roadshow at the Imago shopping centre downtown this weekend.

“Borrowers who wish to settle their loan repayments may be able to do so at the group’s Education Development Division booth.

“Opportunities such as this do not come often and lump sum payment is definitely encouraged,” he said.

Sapawi added that such roadshows enable the state government statutory body to engage with the people especially the youth.

“The roadshow programme give us an insight into their vision and aspirations while giving them a platform to explore endless opportunities, especially in education.”

“Through this initiative, we can tap into the hearts of the people and allows us to understand their needs and concerns,” he added.