Yemen begins restoration of its capital

STORY: After enduring years of war - a truce is breathing new life into Yemen's capital.

Old Sanaa is being rebuilt as part of a large-scale restoration effort led by UNESCO.

Many of its historic buildings were damaged by bombing...

Those working on them, like architect Ziad Al-Kuhlani, say their restoration is no easy feat.

“We are dealing with buildings that are between 300 and 350 years old, and each house is unique in its historical and architectural style.”

Sanaa and Northern Yemen have faced thousands of air strikes since 2015 during a seven-year conflict between the Saudi-backed military coalition and the Iran-aligned Houthi movement.

Many thousands have died. But a truce was brokered by the United Nations in April.

Officials say roughly 5000 buildings were damaged during the course of war - including 380 that are on the brink of collapse.

Mohammed Jumeh is the Yemen ambassador to UNESCO.

“It’s very important because during the war time, unfortunately, people are focusing on the war, even the news which comes out of Yemen are about war. Now, we need to give some hope. It’s important regarding safeguarding, protecting, renovating, the cultural sites in Yemen."

The restoration is also giving jobs to Yemenis - more than 4,000 are working on the project.

Family homes are next on the list.