Yes, Starbucks Will Still Be Open On Easter, But Only at Select Stores

Annie O’Sullivan
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From Woman's Day

With all the exciting, albeit exhausting, Easter events, and the changes many have had to make due to Coronavirus-related restrictions, it's easy to be wiped out as Easter Sunday approaches. Nevertheless, you can still rely on your local Starbucks to give you a good cup of joe to keep your spirits and energy levels high. And even if you aren’t running around this year to visit family, or rushing around the kitchen trying to finalize your dinner menu for your many guests, it’s always good to know that even on Easter Sunday, you can count on Starbucks to feed your caffeine needs to perk you up and make your day a little better.

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Yup, that’s right! Even on Easter, select Starbucks will still be open to serve up some cold brew, but only through the drive-thru. According to a Starbucks spokesperson, although all Starbucks have temporarily closed all in-house cafe services in the U.S. and Canada to prevent crowded areas and discourage social gathering, Starbucks drive-thru hours for Easter “will vary in select locations." Simply head to the store locator section on Starbucks' site to look up your local store and confirm its hours just to make sure the one closest to you is open.

So for all you avid Starbucks lovers out there, there is still a chance you are still able to get your matcha latte or sweet cream cold brew come Easter morning. But on the off chance that the Starbucks closest to you is taking a day off, or you are just trying to take extra precaution, you can always be your own barista for the morning. Simply purchase some Starbucks beans before the holiday, or buy the Starbucks Keurig K-Cups to easily brew a mug or two. And when you've had your coffee fix, check out one of these restaurants that's open on Easter to grab a tasty meal with friends and family.

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