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Europe's most automated demat invoices solution – connected to all ERPs on the market – finally accessible to all Swiss companies

The leading publisher of digital and automated SaaS purchasing and invoicing solutions Yooz is operating actively in Switzerland.

The company provides Swiss companies of all sizes and industries with the P2P process automation solution that is the most intelligent, the most powerful, and the most connected to all ERPs on the market (including Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, and Exact).

The Micropole Group, Spartoo, and AdopteUnMec have already adopted Yooz technology in their accounting departments, relying on the expertise of the Yooz ecosystem including Serial, Uneo, Codalis.

Financial intelligence at the service of Swiss companies

Yooz is a global market leader in the automation of purchasing, accounting, and financial processes and currently has more than 200,000 users and 4,000 customers who process their purchases and supplier invoices throughout France, Germany, USA, Latin America, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, and 30 other countries around the world.

It owes its success to 3 major distinguishing factors:

- Yooz is the most intelligent solution capable of automating more than 80% of supplier invoices based on its community of more than 100k user companies and its base of more than 100 million processed invoices and 1 million suppliers.

- Hosted in the cloud, it offers an "all inclusive" monthly subscription, which allows each company access to an unparalleled level of automation of its financial processes.

- Its self-learning automatic processing technology integrates the most sophisticated and powerful technologies, combining artificial intelligence, deep learning, and big data, while remaining extremely user-friendly.

An indispensable lever of growth in the context of health and economic crisis

Many administrative and financial leaders have now grown convinced that dematerializing is simultaneously the future and in their own best interests. However, when it comes to actually taking the step, something still holds them back:

the fear of undertaking a project that they think will be long, difficult, expensive, risky, and destabilizing. Yooz dispels all these preconceived ideas by transforming the automation of supplier accounting into a tool that offers benefits to everyone.

More specifically, the health crisis has effectively sounded the alarm for all the financial departments in that it forced them to focus on optimizing their accounting processes to save time and money. Digitalizing these processes helps them to achieve precisely these goals:

  • 70% reduction in management costs

  • 5-10x less time spent on processing invoices

  • Greater traceability and reliability throughout the accounting activities

  • Better visibility throughout the entire supplier invoices process

  • Capacity for remote operation (and from a mobile device)

  • Improved relationship with suppliers

  • Easy access to data for enhanced strategic decision making

According to a sector study conducted by Avaloq1 – the Swiss financial technology specialist – "a majority (55%) of financial professionals consider artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation to be the most significant trends for the future of financial services."

This disruptive automation technology stands unique in the world of dematerialization. It achieves an exceptional level of performance thanks to its artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and RPA technologies while offering extreme simplicity of use and implementation.

The solution, hosted entirely in the cloud, covers the entirety of the purchase-to-pay process – from establishment of need to vendor payment – while natively integrating with more than 250 ERPs and accounting software programs, including WinEur, Microsoft, SAP, Exact, Oracle, Winbiz. Yooz features the "Designed for NetSuite" label, a program designed for partners of the NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN).

Magali Michel, director of Yooz, adds: "In this context of crisis, companies have understood the need to adopt digital tools, on the one hand, to allow for continuity of service and, on the other hand, to free accounting and financial functions from repetitive and tedious tasks that do not add much value. As a solution, Yooz is a perfect fit for the Swiss market and is now supporting companies in this "new reality" that we are starting to build together."

About Yooz

Yooz is the most intelligent, powerful, and user-friendly cloud solution in the domain of purchase-to-pay (P2P) process automation and dematerialization. It provides unparalleled productivity, speed, and security benefits to more than 4,000 customers and 200,000 users worldwide who process their purchases and invoices.

Its success is based on the unique combination of the performance of its artificial intelligence technologies, its extreme simplicity of implementation and use, and its capacity to cover the entire P2P process – from purchasing management to the authorization to pay supplier invoices. Yooz also offers a unique choice of more than 250 connectors to leading ERPs and accounting software programs.

Yooz is an innovative growth company and has won multiple awards such as "10 Best Cloud Solution Providers of 2018" by Industry Era, "Best of SaaS Showplace (BoSS)" by THINKstrategies, "Top 10 Accounting Solution Providers" by CFO Tech Outlook…

Yooz offers three cloud editions: Yooz Business Edition for companies and Yooz Expert Edition for intermediaries.

Read more at: www.getyooz.com

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1 https://info.avaloq.com/global/lp1/insights_survey_2019

(1) survey of 210 people working in the fields of retail, commercial, or private banking based on an online methodology in November 2019. Of these, 61% were in Switzerland, 10% in Luxembourg, 9% in Liechtenstein, 4% in Singapore, 3% in Germany, and 3% in the United Kingdom. Respondents included senior executives (23%), middle managers (34%), operational/technical employees (32%), and others (11%).

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