New York fashionista Planet Drew says a rocking outfit is defined by a statement hero piece

Planet Drew (@planetdrxw) is a New York City-based fashionista who blends flashy designer couture with basic styles, creating a signature look that always makes a statement. In this episode of Coveted Closet, Drew gives us a glimpse into his eclectic closet, and provides some winning fashion tips on how to look and feel your best.

Living in Brooklyn, New York has helped Drew form his fashion identity, as the borough’s unique sense of style creates an atmosphere where people can use clothes as a tool for self expression. “You can have your own style, you can do you,” says Drew. “Just gravitate towards the pieces or clothing that feels like you.”

Drew uses three main words to describe his style: “Accessorize,” “laidback,” and “me.” Drew prides himself on being able to go all out and “look super nice,” while also maintaining a casual laid back vibe. In fact, a lot of Drew’s favorite pieces come from thrift stores or secondhand shops. “I’m actually really happy that we’re at a place where people are being more environmentally conscious about those types of things,” says the fashion influencer.

Stepping into his closet, Drew first shows off an orange leopard print Von Dutch hat which “works well with so many outfits,” a Kangol leopard print bucket hat, a pair of jeans from one of Drew’s favorite brands, WHO DECIDES WAR, and a classic Levi’s denim jacket. Other highlights include a vintage leather jacket adorned with tassels, and Drew’s go-to accessory, a pair of over-ear Apple AirPod Max headphones.

Moving on to shoes, Drew shows off two pairs of Rick Owens black and white sneakers, which Drew loves for their versatility. Drew also holds up a pair of Prada boots, which he claims are his favorite pair of boots that he’s ever owned.

With the closet tour complete, Drew dishes out his top 5 style tips.

  1. Have Something That’s True to You

“I’ve been wearing a biker chain on every pair of pants I’ve worn for the past 5 years,” says Drew. “Don’t try too hard to look or be like anybody else. Be you.”

  1. Find Your Hero Piece

“If you have that one piece, you can bring the whole outfit together without having to even try too hard,” says Drew.

  1. Get a Dope Leather Jacket

If you plan your outfit around a leather jacket, “you can literally throw on anything, and like, the outfit’s just put together 10 times better and you don’t gotta think too hard about anything else you’re wearing,” says Drew.

  1. Have Good Basics

Basic items, like a plain t-shirt, are perfect for complementing your hero piece, says Drew. It’ll help showcase the star of your outfit, while maintaining the overall flow of the look.

  1. Every Day is Not a Fashion Show

“When you think too hard into your outfits, it can be tiresome,” says Drew. “Some days you just want to be comfortable. And you know, feeling comfortable means feeling nice.”

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