You'll soon be able to cut your own vinyl records

Austrian start-up Phonocut has an ambitious project on Kickstarter to fund its vinyl recorder. The idea is for anyone to create their own stereo-quality vinyl records at home.

The recorder is extremely simple to use: you place the blank vinyl on the turntable, connect the device to any audio source using a classic mini-jack, and press the button. Phonocut offers its own blank 10-inch (25 cm) discs (smaller than the standard 35 rpm, 12-inch releases), meaning that it is only possible to record 15 minutes of audio on either side. Five blanks come with the recorder.

Since the device is still in its developmental phase, it's difficult at this point to judge the quality of the recorded sound. While the device is primarily targeted at artists, who would then be able to record their own demos on vinyl to present to music labels, for example, the project raises questions about potential problems with piracy. In theory, it would permit music from streaming platforms, cassettes, CDs, etc. to be easily copied and cut.

Whatever the case, the initial objective of 200,000 euros was raised in two days. Those interested in the vinyl recorder can order it from the Kickstarter page for 1,399 euros. It is expected to cost 1,999 euros when it hits the market, which is not expected to be until 2021. Delivery of the first devices is expected to begin in December 2020.

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