Young Cambodians too busy to read news

News Desk in Phnom Penh/Rasmei Kampuchea Daily
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Phnom Penh (Rasmei Kampuchea Daily/ANN) - Young Cambodians say they are not interested in reading newspapers or even online news because they are too busy.

"I don't have time to read newspapers because I'm so busy with work and study," 23-year-old Mean Sreymom said. "I prefer listening to news on the radio, and now I have a provincial assignment as well so I don't have time."

A Green Organization staff member said reading newspapers took too much of his time if he wanted to understand the whole story. Besides he's already swamped with work.

"I don't have enough time to spend on newspapers, online news or research," 24-year-old Chhin Da said. "Work is keeping me busy, but I still take time checking the headlines on my phone."

Sihanoukville high school student Orn Nita said she was too worried about her studies to read the newspaper. Moreover, the 18-year-old said reading newspapers was for old people.

"I'm in the 12th grade now so I can't spend time reading newspapers if I want to pass my exams," she said. "I like reading online news more. I'll only read newspapers if I have time."

Yin Piseth, editor in chief of Koh Santepheap, one of the three leading Khmer-language dailies, urged young people to spend time reading news to improve their knowledge.

"Young people, either students or workers, should follow the news through online news or newspapers," he said. "It's for our social development, and at least we acquire general knowledge in areas such as banking, economics, culture and security."

"I know they are very busy with their studies but they can still take time to read the news online or watch TV," he said. "They should realize they are the ones who will develop their nation. What will happen if they lack knowledge of their own country?"