Young China Doctor Dies After Postponing Wedding To Fight Covid-19 In Front Line

Jia Ling

A Doctor in China, Peng Yinhua, had passed away from a Covid-19 infection after working in the front line. Chinese state media outlet, People’s Daily previously reported that the 29-year-old had postponed his wedding to join the battle against the epidemic.

Peng was a Doctor of pulmonary and critical care at First People’s Hospital in Jiangxia District of Wuhan from a statement by the district health bureau (Feb 20).

Did Not See Wedding Through In The End


On 25 January, Peng was admitted to the First People’s Hospital to get treatment for Covid-19. 


doctor dies from coronavirus

Photo: People’s Daily / Facebook


Unfortunately, in just a matter of days, Peng’s condition deteriorated and was transferred to the intensive care unit on 1 February.


He eventually passed away on 20 February at 9.50pm after a tough battle with the virus.


A Twist Of Fate


That day (1 Feb) was when Peng had planned to have his wedding. It was reported that he “did not even get to spend Spring Festival Eve with his fiancée”. 


Doctor dies from coronavirus: Peng and his supposedly bride-to-be. | Photo: People’s Daily / Facebook


Doctor dies from coronavirus: the young doctor left before his time. | Photo: People’s Daily / Facebook


It was also found that the almost-groom had wedding invitations kept in his work desk drawer.


Earlier, the couple had also agreed that they would delay their marriage so long as the epidemic persists.


Strong And Optimistic


Peng was known as a “strong and optimistic” person, at least to a patient who knew of him at the hospital, mentioned by People’s Daily.


Netizens on   Weibo also applauded Peng for being a “hero”, and wished him a peaceful farewell. 


Screengrab from Weibo.


One Weibo user, Dai Xiaoyu said: “He should have had a better future and life. I really don’t want to see another doctor die.”

Kudos to these unsung heroes for their selflessness and dedication, never giving up until the end.

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