How young footballers can overcome rejection in football

Jeff Brazier explains how young footballers should deal with rejection from one club in order to become a professional footballer at another.

Speaking to The Football Show’s Max Rushden, Brazier explained how he was released from Orient and how he quickly moved onto another club, non-league Canvey Island.

Brazier said: “Tommy Taylor was the manager at the time. He’s an ex-West Ham legend, and he decided he was getting rid of all the top earners. Not that I was one – I was on probably £200 a week.”

He also told Rushden that he was quickly back in football, earning more than he did at Leyton Orient.

“The next phone call I had was from Canvey Island saying we’ll pay you a lot more than I was actually on full time, you can get a job as well, and you’ll play every game,” Brazier said.

Brazier explained that as a youngster he did not see his departure from the club as the result of Taylor releasing him, but football as a whole.

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He said: “One manager let me go, and I naively thought that was football telling me that I wasn’t good enough. Whereas actually it was one of 92 managers.

“There’s games for players that have been released. Obviously lots of scouts from all the league clubs will go and watch that to see if there’s someone that actually suits their style of play or what they’re looking for at that time.

“I had certain credentials which were obviously not right for Tommy at the time, but would have been right for somebody else. So, what a shame.”