Youth Ministry elicits aspirations of 26,000 youngsters in 90 days


PUTRAJAYA: The Youth and Sports Ministry has recorded the aspirations of about 26,000 youths over the past 90 days.

Its minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, said the Ministry gathered the information via six main channels – telephone interview, online surveys, Mind Discovery interactive workshops, youth dialogues organised by the ministry, dialogues organised by others and engagement activities.

"We are on track to reaching our target of engaging 1.5 million youths, and I am upbeat over the aspirations shared so far.

"There are five main categories of aspirations – on unity, fairness, contentment, sustainability and competitiveness. These are the recurring themes," he told reporters in a media briefing today.

He said the Ministry also learned of youth aspirations that are very specific, which will be included in the final report.

Khairy said aspirations relating to jobs, careers and the economy were the most frequently mentioned, followed by sustainability, education and governance.

"Youths want the government to future-proof economic and national development plans by taking into account changes that are expected to take place," he said.

Building an ecosystem that would allow entrepreneurial activities to take place is also a very popular aspiration among Malaysian youths, he added.

Khairy also invited youths who want to take part in, or propose individuals suited for, future youth “circles of the future” which will be tasked with deliberating further on the aspirations and ideas shared by the younger generations.

"If we choose all of the members, we may overlook individuals who have particular expertise that can contribute to the circles of the future," he added.

Those interested to be part of the circles of the future can register via, from today to May 12.

"For those aged above 40, they can contribute as subject experts in the circles of the future," Khairy added.