YouTube TV deployed to PlayStation 4 as Vue enters final week

YouTube TV compares its $50 monthly sub to a 2017 US average of $109

The first among a cadre of live TV apps has arrived on PlayStation 4 in the USA.

As PlayStation prepares to cease its PlayStation Vue service, the USA's YouTube TV bundle is going live on PlayStation 4.

Priced at $49.99 USD per month ($54.99 if purchased through Apple's App Store), and delivered via Google's YouTube platform, YouTube TV offers content from a dozen traditional and digital US networks.

It works on smartphone and tablet devices as well as computers and smart TVs, just like YouTube itself.

There's also cloud storage for digital video recordings, and a family-sharing scheme for up to 6 accounts.

YouTube TV is the first third-party live television service to launch on PlayStation 4 and is directly linked to Sony's decision to shut down PlayStation Vue.

PS Vue shuts down on January 30, 2020 and, in the absence of any other information, other services are expected to join YouTube TV on the PlayStation Network as a result.

The new addition also paves the way for a wider content offering once the PlayStation 5 launches towards the end of 2020, enabling it to compete more comprehensively with the Xbox Series X; YouTube TV has been on Xbox since November 2017.