Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong quell divorce rumours together

13 Oct - Amid ongoing rumours of trouble in paradise, Yoyo Chen recently appeared alongside husband Vincent Wong at a mall event to quell the rumours once and for all.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who was all smiles as she went on stage with Vincent by her side, shared with the media that the only reason she didn't make any statement regarding Vincent's rumoured romance with Sisley Choi was because she has responded to it before.

"In fact, I've said before that I will no longer respond to these rumours. I have shared my thoughts once, that everything is good between us and we're not separating," she said.

Yoyo also denied that there was any issue with Vincent being away from home for a long time, saying that as an actress herself, she understands the nature of her husband's work.

She even went on to say that she is grateful to Vincent for remaining calm despite the ongoing rumours, as it meant that she was able to focus on her responsibility as a mother.

"During the peak of the controversy, I was busy dealing with our daughter's school registration and other things. He was able to deal with it on his own so that I can keep on doing what needed to be done," she said.

As for rumours linking Vincent with his co-star Sisley Choi, Yoyo said, "I trust him absolutely. There is no need for me to tell him to keep his distance from other women."

(Photo Source: Mingpao.com)