Yu Zheng continues to defend Michelle Chen

Yu Zheng continues to defend Michelle Chen

8 Dec – Chinese producer Yu Zheng has been very adamant from day one in his casting choice when he decided to offer Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen the iconic role of Little Dragon Girl for his version of the famous story, "The Return of the Condor Heroes".

It comes as no surprise that he continued to defend the actress for one last time before the series' premiere on 3 December.

As reported on ET Today, on 2 December, Yu turned to Weibo and reiterated his intention to create a different kind of Little Dragon Girl - a sort of clarification for the character's fans who have been unhappy with the choice since day one.

Yu Zheng stated that he found it hard to remain faithful to the original story while trying to create a sense of novelty to the drama, and decided to use his own version of the character rather than follow the original icy demeanour associated with Little Dragon Girl.

He also confessed that the baby-faced Michelle may not resemble the character beloved by many, but that she was the perfect actress to play the role after his first choice Angelababy was unable to commit to the project.

The producer also defended the actress, saying that any criticism towards the character should be aimed at him rather than to Michelle.

Meanwhile, Netizens continued to criticise the actress, saying that she is too cute for the role and was not meant to play the character in the first place.

(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)