Yungblud shares deeply vulnerable track, breakdown, about 'hardest year of his life mentally'

Yungblud has opened up about the 'hardest year of his life mentally' credit:Bang Showbiz
Yungblud has opened up about the 'hardest year of his life mentally' credit:Bang Showbiz

Yungblud wrote his new song 'breakdown' whilst being "consumed" by "inexplicable darkness".

The 'Fleabag' rocker says the brooding track, which started life as poem, is a stepping stone to where his new music is "heading” and vowed to "beat" the "darkness".

In a lengthy statement about the toughest year of his life, he explained: “I wrote this song because it’s been the hardest year for me mentally. I feel myself changing and throughout my life I’ve never felt good enough, it’s been the main thing that on the one hand has driven me forward but on the other, has eaten me up. For as long as I can remember I have felt constantly afraid of how quickly my head can turn dark.

"It’s always been so hard to fight the darkness that I inevitably have. A lot of people will say it’s a phase and it will go away. But it doesn’t and the reality of the situation is I have to find strategies to allow it to exist and to deal with it as a constant.

"A lot of us can feel like our lives are insignificant. We can feel like we have no purpose, so what is there to live for? The inexplicable darkness inside our heads can consume us. It can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning, force us to cancel plans, or back out of opportunities last minute."

Yungblud heartbreakingly admits in the confessional lyrics that he had been feeling like wanting to “die before I open my eyes” – but now he seeks the light.

He went on: "This song was written as a message to myself to try and exist alongside my insecurities and my darkness by grounding myself and remembering what is real in life and that the world is so much bigger than me.

"In the past my art has been about highlighting the pain and letting the world know that it is there, in order to relate to others but now I want to beat it. This song is a gateway to where my new music is heading. Embracing the light, realising what’s beautiful in the world and fighting the darkness - not wallowing in it."

On what he wants people to take away from the lyrics, he concluded: "It’s about getting out of your head and noticing the world around you, the things and people. Connect with them, the chances are they probably feel the same. Don’t let the bull**** inside your head consume you. It just wastes precious time and life potential.

"Remember what is real. Help people, be kind, help the world, help yourself. You’re probably living more than you think.”

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