Zahid: Gov't studying feasibility of early poll in Sabah


KOTA MARUDU: The feasibility of having an early poll Sabah is still being studied by the state government as well as Barisan Nasional.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, when answering questions pertaining to speculations of early poll in the state, dismissed the notion of his frequent visits to the state as an indication.

“I have previously promised to come down to Sabah twice a month and I just said I will return to Kota Marudu in six months to see the progress.

“But it does not mean talks of snap poll will happen. This matter is still being looked into by the state government and central BN, and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has not finalised (the matter).

“Any decision will be based on the responses from empirical studies done and we see this (decision) not just based on Sabah but the whole Malaysian political landscape and positive implication must be given priority in the decision making process,” he told reporters.

He said this after the simultaneous launching of Kota Marudu Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri divisional wings delegates meetings here.

To another question on the 13 new state seats for Sabah, he said this will not be tabled in the current Parliament sitting.

In his speech, Zahid said the politics in Sabah is based on three elements which he said only BN can offer.

“Firstly it is based on development such as ensuring the state’s progress via infrastructures like Pan Highway Borneo.

“The economic principles also come to hand where Sabah’s potential is realised and be at par with other states.

“Lastly is the element of stability as we don’t want a disunited front or community and we know no country can progress without stability. All these three can only be achieved by BN,” he stressed.

He also remarked that the ‘Sabah for Sabahan’ angle played by the Opposition is redundant as BN has been fighting for the needs of people here.

“Who said Sabah is for somebody else? Who said Sabah is for non-Sabahans?

“The Prime Minister has even given empowerment in many forms, whether through the legal aspects of Malaysia’s formation or outside the documented law, but always based on the interests of the Sabah people.

“Even those which had not been fulfilled can be discussed amicably. So this is not just rhetoric from BN,” he stressed.