Zendaya Can’t Handle Watching Her Old YouTube Videos

The Spider-Man co-star recently posted a video in which she took a walk down memory lane and watched her oldest YouTube videos. Digging all the way back to the first video she uploaded back in 2010, Zendaya could not handle her overly chipper 14-year-old self.

She prefaced the video by saying, “When I was younger, I genuinely felt that I had to make a persona that, like, matched Rocky, which was the character I used to play.” (Zendaya played Rocky Blue in Disney’s TV show Shake It Up.)

Zendaya went on to defend herself, saying, “Please don’t judge me. I swear I’ve always been like I am now, I swear to God,” clarifying, “This was an act.”

She went on to give an expletive-laced explanation, saying, “I seriously thought I was  like a f****** mogul because I was like — yo, this s**t is so smart; I’m about to create this whole brand of, like, positive, smiliing s***, that like, Disney’s going to love this.”

After watching the videos, Zendaya said she wanted to delete the videos. But then again, who hasn’t wanted something they said deleted from the Internet?

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