Zheng Shuang denies sexual harassment from Gordon Chan

19 Apr - Chinese actress Zheng Shuang has recently denied allegations that she has been sexually harassed by Hong Kong filmmaker, Gordon Chan.

As reported on Singtao, following reports about the rumours that was allegedly sparked by a well-known actress, Zheng released a statement of her own saying that no such thing has happened during the production of her 2011 movie, "Mural".

In the statement, Zheng mentioned that she has "had a pleasant cooperation with the director and have always maintained a good and professional working relationship."

Zheng also added that she hopes the outside world would not believe the rumours.

The actress has developed a good relationship with Gordon since working together in the movie, which earned her an award for Best New Performer at the 6th Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Award.

Over the years, both of them have remained in contact with each other and would send blessings on each other's birthday. Gordon has also called Zheng by the nickname Little Fairy, while Zheng has always admitted that she is grateful for Gordon's support.

(Photo Source: China Times)