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Zipperless luggage: Experts say these game-changing travel cases are the best way to keep your belongings secure

Ditch your zippered suitcase for this tamper-safe alternative.

Whether you're a nervous traveler or not, you've likely thought about the possibility of your things being stolen or your luggage being broken into. I can't be the only one who's thought about this! After clips started circulating on TikTok, showing how easily compromised zippered luggage is, travelers have been actively trying to find ways to make their belongings more secure. According to travel and suitcase experts, investing in the best zipperless luggage is the only way to truly have peace of mind — and the only real way to keep your items secure.

travel experts recommend using zipperless luggage for secure travel
Experts say zipperless luggage can help deter — and foil — break-ins. (Monos)

What is zipperless luggage?

Quick overview

Simply put, it's exactly what its name suggests: luggage without zippers. These cases click down, snap shut and are secured using one or two locking latches to keep the main compartment closed. Instead of depending on a zipper for security, the latches firmly clamp closed to ensure items stay safely inside. This style of closure has been around for as long as luggage has — think those old school trunks that clasp closed from the outside. This same concept applies to today's modern interpretations of zipperless luggage with most options having integrated TSA-approved combination locks that serve as the sole method of entry.

Is zipperless luggage safe?

Based on simple mechanics, zipperless luggage certainly seems like the best way to keep your belongings safe. We reached out to travel expert, CEO and co-founder of popular luggage brand Monos, Victor Tam, who shared his thoughts on zipperless luggage.

"Zipperless luggage offers enhanced security due to its innovative design," he tells Yahoo Life. "Traditional zippered luggage can be susceptible to tampering or forced entry through the zipper mechanism. With zipperless luggage, there are no external zippers vulnerable to manipulation or even damage through repeated usage."

He added that the style's locking mechanisms like latches and combination locks can "provide an additional layer of security."

Should everyday travelers invest in zipperless luggage?

Tam adds that, due to this built-in extra security measure in place, "everyday travelers should consider investing in zipperless luggage." He says today's options incorporate durable materials and construction, "increasing the lifespan of the luggage," and, in the long run, keeps you from spending money on replacing another piece of luggage.

Zipperless luggage can also be more convenient. Because of their structured siding, you never have to worry about over-packing. The build of these cases is static so — particularly with carry-ons — you will always have a dependable size to fit in overhead compartments.

This under-$100 option is one of the few affordable options you'll find with a full aluminum frame. This particular material is what today's high-end luggage brands use since it's one of the most durable and lightweight. Aluminum options usually come at a much higher price tag, so this bag is not only secure — it's kind of a steal!

"Best carry-on luggage I have ever used," one five-star reviewer said of this piece. "High-quality finishes, lightweight materials and plenty of storage."

$93 at Amazon

Amazon shoppers can't stop raving that this zipperless carry-on looks more expensive than it actually is. It has that timeless trunk design that so many travelers love.

"Zipperless luggage? Yes, please!" one impressed shopper wrote. "With a single press, I'm in, and those water-resistant latches mean no embarrassing zipper mishaps in the middle of the airport."

$130 at Amazon

As for Tam's personal favorite and mine, the Monos Hybrid Carry-On takes the top spot. I've owned this carry-on for two years and have used it on several trips and it's not only held up well, but still looks brand new. Since it doesn't have any zippers, I get peace of mind knowing that I can check it if I don't want to drag a suitcase through the airport and know that my things will remain secure.

"I'm a regular user of the Hybrid Carry-On," Tam said. "I love it because we combined the best features of aluminum and polycarbonate luggage to create a sleek suitcase that stands in a class all its own."

$325 at Monos

The timeless zipperless luggage trend isn't limited to carry-ons. There are tons of checked luggage options from brands like Coolife, Arlo Skye, Monos and Away that offer this same functionality in larger form. These bags are more tamper-resistant than zippered bags, which can give you added peace of mind.

Coolife is one of our favorite zipperless luggage brands and its large checked hardside suitcase is an Amazon shopper favorite that won't break the bank.

"We needed a sturdy and rigid suitcase without a zipper and TSA lock (for added security) that would last a long time," one five-star reviewer wrote. "So far, I'm very happy with this suitcase and we believe it's been a great investment for our future long travels. We find it to be a great value for the money."

$160 at Amazon

If you're willing to splurge a bit more on a zipperless checked suitcase that's both lightweight, durable and built to withstand the rigors of baggage claim (and handlers), this one from Monos is another top recommendation.

"I opted for the Hybrid series over the regular because of the combo lock closure versus the zipper," one shopper wrote. "I'll say that once this thing is closed, it's closed up good! Very impressed. The inside storage is great, too."

$405 at Monos

Is zipperless luggage worth it?

If you're still on the fence about picking up a piece of zipperless luggage to add to your collection or replace one of your current pieces, Tam has two benefits that he believes all shoppers should consider when making the switch.

In addition to the peace of mind and extra layer of security against theft and unauthorized access, he says durability, and convenience are two factors that set zipperless luggage apart from the rest.

"With robust construction and innovative locking systems, zipperless luggage has increased resilience, designed to withstand the rigors of travel, ensuring the suitcase remains intact and functional for years to come," he says. If you identify as a shopper who prefers investing in a quality product that you'll have forever opposed to a cheaply made alternative that you'll have to replace after a couple of years of use, zipperless luggage may be right up your alley.

Secondly, he notes that zipperless luggage has "sleek and minimalist designs" that come with "intuitive locking mechanisms for effortless access to belongings." In short, these strong and sturdy travel pieces give you the best of both worlds when traveling: style and security.

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