Zlatan Ibrahimovic announces his LA Galaxy move in classic Zlatan style

On Thursday, Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s time with Manchester United came to an end. He terminated his contract with the club and reportedly signed a contract with the LA Galaxy.

Now Zlatan’s move to the Galaxy is official, and Zlatan himself told us. He took out an full-page ad in the LA Times to announce it, and it’s the most Zlatan thing ever.

That’s hilarious and bizarre all at once. The full page ad has just a few words. It says “Dear Los Angeles, You’re welcome” at the top, then an enormous block of empty space, and his signature at the bottom. So there’s not much there, but there doesn’t really have to be. He’s Zlatan, and where he goes, excitement follows. The only other thing he could have said was “get ready.”

Actually, he did tell Los Angeles to get ready, just not in that ad. On Friday morning, Zlatan announced his move to the Galaxy to the entire world in a video he posted on his Twitter account.

No one welcomes Zlatan to Los Angeles. Zlatan welcomes Los Angeles to him. Buckle in, Galaxy fans.

Z latan Ibrahimovic has signed with the LA Galaxy, but moving clubs and continents can’t stop him from being Zlatan. (AP Photo)

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