'Zom Nom' puts the 'reigns' in zombie brains

It's time for braindead zombies to shine.

Could a zombie become president of the world? Sure, why not. Just one problem -- the current global ruler doesn't want to give up his spot. Also, there's a war on, and the city's in ruins. Still, shouldn't take more than half an hour to get it done!

Made in 15 weeks and released for free on Itch.io and, this week, on Steam, the showcase project has a straightforward premise in which a volley of well-placed slaps and wads of zombie gob combine with a little light puzzling.

The whole thing's set off at a jaunty angle by a bright outlook, jolly soundtrack and a main character that happily mutters to himself all the way to toppling the President of the World.

Free to download, "Zom Nom" is available now for Windows PC.