Zoom is giving users unlimited time for their end-of-year video calls

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Zoom also gave free accounts access to unlimited calls for December 17 to 19.

Zoom, the must-have application of the year 2020, is giving out its holiday gifts early this year. As of this Wednesday, December 23, the video conferencing platform has decided to lift the 40-minute limit for free calls during the holiday season.

"COVID-19 has changed how we live, work, and celebrate in 2020, and like everything else this year, the holiday season doesn't look the same," Zoom notes on its blog . The US-based application, which saw an explosion in sales numbers this year, is once again demonstrating tts ability to adapt to the health crisis. While London is under strict lockdown and the holiday season in many parts of Canada will have to be spent in small groups, the videoconferencing platform has announced that it is easing the restrictions on free accounts. A good way to attract even more members by offering an alternative to encourage people to stay home.

On its blog, the company has unveiled three periods during which the 40-minute limit on free accounts will be lifted: "Whether coming together on the final day of Hanukkah, celebrating Christmas, ringing in the New Year, or marking the last days of Kwanzaa, those connecting with friends and family won't get cut short." Starting this Wednesday, free accounts around the world will be able to enjoy unlimited calling, with no time limit, until Saturday, December 26, at 6 am ET. The measure will also be applied for New Year celebrations, as from Wednesday, December 30 at 10 am ET to Saturday, January 2, 2021 at 6 am, users will still be able to enjoy unlimited calls with a free account.

To take advantage of this, no action will be required on the part of users. Zoom will automatically lift the time restriction on free accounts.