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    NATO chief seeks costs on China over Russia support

    NATO's chief called Monday for China to face consequences if it keeps up support to Russia, as he said that a steady flow of weapons to Ukraine was the only way to end the war.The July gathering aims to send a decisive long-term message of support for Ukraine as President Joe Biden faces a tough reelection fight against Donald Trump, a skeptic of Western support for Kyiv.

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  • PoliticsHuffPost

    Elizabeth Warren Urges Democrats Not To ‘Roll Over’ On Tax Fight In 2025

    The Massachusetts senator said Democrats in the past have been too willing to accommodate GOP demands on taxes.

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  • NewsAFP News

    Russian nuclear-powered submarine leaves Cuba

    A Russian nuclear-powered submarine and other naval vessels on Monday left the port of Havana after a five-day visit to Cuba, the communist state off Florida's coast.Residents waved Russian flags as the vessels sailed towards the open sea after a busy few days for the island, which has also hosted a US nuclear-powered submarine and a Canadian Navy patrol ship.

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  • NewsHuffPost

    Yellowstone Visitor Sentenced To A Week In Jail Over 'Dangerous' Act

    The 21-year-old man was photographed near the erratic Steamboat Geyser, park officials said.

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