5 Reasons Why You Need Regular Hair Treatment

Having hair that bounces and is shiny can do a lot for your self-esteem. Good (or bad) hair days can really make a difference to how you feel. The best thing you can do for your hair to ensure it is always beautiful? Maintain proper treatment and take great care of it. Replenishing hair with nourishment and moisture is the most important step. And the quickest way to do this is to shampoo, condition, and treat it back to health. Also, maintaining a good diet can boost hair recovery.

Find out why your hair needs regular hair treatment and what you can do.

1.Oh the abuse!

Perming, straightening, coloring and even daily blow-drys at home... The fact is that we are constantly exposing our strands to abuse, whether it is at the salon or at home. This not only removes the natural oils from our hair but also leaves it in a dry and damaged state. Remember this: Whatever you take away, you put back in. So in this case, to counteract the aggression, treat hair to a weekly mask to replenish moisture. Use a conditioner whenever you shampoo to strengthen hair cuticles so that it remains soft and smooth always.

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2. More strength, more color

Hair that looks dull and flat isn’t exactly the hair you want. The healthier hair is, the better it retains color pigments—whether it is your natural color or not. At the same time, healthy hair is better at resisting damage. Hair treatment, especially those targeted for colored hair, can help prolong the intensity, depth of color and brilliance. It will also protect hair fiber to give it better protection.

3. No more hair loss

Hate how your hairbrush is filled with hair or how the toilet floor is covered after a shampoo? We lose an average of 50 to 100 hair strands a day but if it seems like you are losing more than that, then it’s time to boost up on the daily hair treatment. There are many reasons why you could be losing more hair than usual—stress, fatigue, pregnancy, diet. So to counter it, use a treatment that helps to strengthen hair as well as to prevent hair fall and breakage.

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4. Healthy scalp, healthy hair

Healthy hair goes back to the root of it all—your scalp. This is after all where the hair bulb resides. If your scalp is healthy, hair will grow to be thick and luscious. However, if you are plagued by problems like oily or dry scalp, chances are hair won’t grow healthily because of the unpleasant environment it is in. That’s not all, a less-than-perfect scalp may affect cell regeneration cycle, which stunts hair growth. This causes breakage as well as thinning of your hair. To improve the situation, treat your scalp to a treatment that will help to purify as well as fortify it. Seek professional help if necessary as scalp problems can be a complex issue to fix.

5. Keep it in tip-top condition
Even if your hair is in its best condition, it doesn’t mean you can neglect it!
We are exposed to pollution day in day out, which can affect the health of your hair. Couple that with hormonal changes, aging, the food we eat—it can be a task to maintain great-looking hair always! You know how your skin benefits from a mask or a serum? Well, the same goes for your hair. So give hair a good treatment either daily or once a week to really protect and maintain it.

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