'The Messiah' gives his reasons for hacking Sun Ho's site

Screen shot of the hacker's Q&A site explaining reasons for hacking Sun Ho's website. (Online Screengrab)

A hacker who calls himself "The Messiah", and who hacked into the website of City Harvest Church (CHC) co-founder Sun Ho, has resurfaced with a Q&A site.

In the site, titled “8 questions with the Messiah”, the hacker — who revealed that he operates under the umbrella of hacking group "Anonymous Collective" -- said that Ho's website has very little security. It is something which he said is “horrifying” as the site is apparently responsible for the information of over 5,000 churchgoers.
“It took us less than 15 minutes to gain access,” he said.
The information he referred to included names, addresses, telephone numbers and passwords. Perhaps to show how insecure Ho's site is, the hacker said he intends to expose the information soon. However, revealing them now would be "rash", he added.
Kong and his deputies have been charged with the alleged misuse of church funds amounting to about $50 million; most of it went to Sun Ho’s singing career in the US. The trial is ongoing.