It is OK to not be OK: 12 sports personalities who have spoken out about mental health

After pulling out of four events citing mental health reasons celebrated gymnast Simone Biles completed her Olympics innings with a bronze in the women's artistic gymnastics balance beam final.

Often regarded as the greatest gymnast of all time, Biles has said that with all the pressure and turmoil she went through in the past five years, the bronze medal she won is greater than any gold. Biles has also said that it is important to put mental health first.

With her candid discussions about mental health, Biles brings the spotlight back on a subject which is often brushed under the carpet in a field where it is all about perfection, performance and winning, under all circumstances. It tells us that under all that sheen and power on display, sports personalities are humans too.

The good thing, however, is that conversations around mental health are slowly gaining momentum as more players come out with their stories of battling depression, anxiety and mental health issues.

We take a look at the sports personalities who have opened up about their mental health struggles.