15 breathtaking winners from Sony’s annual photo contest

Melia Robinson
Jaime Massieu_Spain_Winner_Open_Split Second_2015

Jaime Massieu courtesy of 2015 Sony World Photography Awards

“I saw a guy I knew with a 70-200 lens. I asked him if I could borrow the lens, and all I had to do was press the button,” winning photographer Jaime Massieu says.

Sony World Photography Awards announced the winners of its 2015 photo contest.

This year, photographers both young and old submitted 173,000 entries from 171 countries.

Winners in the awards’ four competitions — Professional, Open, Youth, and Mobile — will receive $30,000 in cash prizes, the latest Sony digital imaging equipment, and plenty of exposure.

The rest of the winners will be announced today in London.

A 14-year-old girl snapped this candid of her little cousin playing in their grandmother’s garden in Portugal.

Skiers descend the slopes of Borovets, one of Bulgaria’s most popular resorts, as snow falls at night.

A man performs a “bomb dive” into the ocean on the Sussex coast.

A street artist works on a brilliantly colored mural in Mexico’s San Gregorio neighborhood.

Locals from West Bengal’s Old Kolkata neighborhood get ready for the day in an abandoned shop.

A 15-year-old girl photographed this group of musicians in Portugal’s Teatro Garcia de Resende.

A couple relaxes under the hot sun on a beach in Sicily.

During practice at the Basketball World Cup in Madrid, a Hungarian basketball player attempts a dunk. “I haven’t seen the guy in the picture again, but if I see him, I’m afraid I will have to invite him [to] dinner,” photographer Jaime Massieu says.

A platform at Budapest’s Nyugati Station remains deserted after a train, carrying fervent Hungarian fans, departed for the Romania-Hungary football match in Bucharest.

A gray pelican rests on a street lamp outside Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

A 19-year-old photographer captured the bright skies as seen from her grandmother’s backyard in Malaysia.

The photographer snapped away as he went paragliding over a German schoolhouse. The evening rain colored the pavement a stark shade of charcoal.

An Iranian boy butts heads with a goat.

These two great construction cranes, named Samson and Goliath, have become icons of the Belfast, Northern Ireland, skyline. Each can lift loads of up to 840 tons.

The photographer stylized his subject as the fictional character, Don Bohlul, the Don Quixote of the Orient. “Many people consider him as crazy, but he made philosophical and meaningful statement,” Saleh Rozati says.


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