I Can't Help But Feel Bad For These 16 Poor Souls Who Had Bad Days At Work

Yesterday, I was in the throes of a bad day after I forgot a fork for my dinner break at my night class, proceeded to bomb a test, and then missed getting off the bus and had to walk an extra 30 minutes home. I dramatically huffed and puffed the entire walk, thinking the universe was out to get me.

Person walking away from the camera on a barren landscape

Today, with a bit of a clearer mind and a clean slate ahead, I'm reminded that bad days are a part of life — and we all have them, especially at work or school.

And to make us all feel a little less alone on our bad days, I scoured Reddit for all the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days people had at work. Here are all the best examples I could find — I hope their days are better now:

1.This guy whose pants zipper broke at work "right before a few important meetings."

Guy safety pinned his pants together after the zipper broke
u/illigal / Via reddit.com

2.This person spent over an hour in traffic on their way to work, only to then look down and realize their grave mistake:

Guy wears two different shoes
u/ghmatos / Via reddit.com

3.This person who came back to work after Christmas break and was greeted by a bunch of dead roaches:

Bathroom floor and toilet with scattered dead roaches, needing cleaning

4.This 30-year-old man who decided to participate in the work secret santa, asked for sports equipment, and got this diva shoe wine holder instead:

A single high-heel shoe with ornate design, with security tag attached, on a carpeted floor
u/gonehalohunting / Via reddit.com

5.This Lowe's manager who had to figure out how to clean up this pink-ish-purple paint spill:

Self-checkout kiosk with "CARD ONLY" sign, screen prompts for payment, and a shopping basket with items on it
u/Chrisp720 / Via reddit.com

6.This closing worker who just finished cleaning the whole store, only for the ceiling to start leaking just before they were about to leave:

Industrial kitchen with water spraying from a burst pipe above deep fryers
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

7. This forklift driver dropped an oven on the hood of a Ferrari F8 Tributo:

Twitter: @AshinChina / Via reddit.com

8.This person who dropped 10 pounds of beads on the floor at work, consequently needing to pick them up one by one for over an hour:

Overturned chair and a clipboard next to a large spill of small round objects on a wooden floor
u/Lazy_James / Via reddit.com

9.This guy who left his phone under the industrial paper cutter:

Person holding a broken smartphone with a cracked screen and damaged edges
u/hecht0520 / Via reddit.com

10.This waitress who, instead of receiving a tip from a fellow former waitress, instead received unwanted criticism. Oh, and no tip:

Handwritten note on a receipt expressing the reason for not giving a tip

On a $172 bill!!

u/HooniganMike / Via reddit.com

11.This electrician who knocked the freezers offline, leading to over $50k in food getting tossed:

A dumpster overflowing with discarded food items outside a store
u/Iamnamer / Via reddit.com

12.This baker who got a last-minute cake order, rushed to make it and took it out of the oven without realizing there was a hole in the oven mitt. They burned their fingers, dropped the cake, the customer went elsewhere, and they got written up and sent home:

A baking sheet with a cracked and broken rolled cake, half covered with cream
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

13.These baristas who separated 10,000 coffee beans.... by hand.... because their boss absent-mindedly poured unroasted beans into a batch of roasted ones:

Two individuals sorting beans, separating good from bad, using containers and a cardboard
u/CensoryDeprivation / Via reddit.com

14.The guy who had to clean up whatever this absolute mess is from a freezer malfunction:

Walk-in cooler with spilled food covering the floor and shelves

15.This person who's dealing with a food thief at work:

Handwritten note on cardboard with a threatening message about tampering with food
u/PeachyKatoMango / Via reddit.com

16.And lastly, this guy who learned the hard way not to wear grey pants to a job interview as a certified sweaty person™:

A person in a mirror selfie, with their face obscured by the phone, wearing business casual attire and pants with sweat on the butt
u/-milesTeg / Via reddit.com

Let me know about all your worst days at work in the comments below! And to all of you having a bad day out there, you're not alone, and remember, it gets better.