These 18 senators voted against Ukraine and Israel aid

  • The Senate passed a bill to provide aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan — and force a sale of TikTok.

  • Three Democrats and 15 Republicans voted against it. It now heads to Biden's desk.

  • Republicans opposed the Ukraine aid, while some Democrats took issue with Israel aid.

Billions in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan — along with a bill to force TikTok's Chinese parent company to sell off the popular app — are headed to President Joe Biden's desk after months of delay.

The Senate passed the $95 billion package by a sweeping bipartisan margin on Tuesday, with 15 Republicans and three Democrats voting against the legislation.

Republicans generally voted against the package because of their long-standing opposition to Ukraine aid, while Democrats opposed the bill over the lack of conditions on Israel aid.

On Saturday, the House took separate votes on four individual components of the bill, a plan hatched by Speaker Mike Johnson that was designed to appease Republicans but also won plaudits from progressive Democrats.

That included a vote on a nearly $61 billion Ukraine aid bill, a more than $26 billion Israel aid bill, Taiwan aid, and a bill that combined an amended version of a previously approved TikTok bill that was combined with a bill allowing the US to seize Russian assets to pay for Ukraine aid.

37 House Democrats voted against Israel aid, while 112 House Republicans voted against Ukraine aid. 21 House Republicans voted against both packages.

The bill is broadly similar to a $95.3 billion aid package that passed the Senate in February, shortly after a bipartisan border deal collapsed in the face of opposition from former President Donald Trump and other congressional Republicans.

Most Republican senators — along with three Democrats — voted against that package.

But many of those Republicans, such as Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, decided to support the new bill on Tuesday, bringing an end to a months-long fight in Congress over foreign aid and border policy that exposed divisions within both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Three GOP senators missed the vote, including Sen. Tommy Tuberville of Alabama, who railed against the package earlier on Tuesday.

Also missing the vote were long-time Ukraine aid opponent Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, who said in a statement on Tuesday that he supported the package.

Here are the 3 members of the Democratic caucus who voted against the bill:

  • Bernie Sanders of Vermont

  • Jeff Merkley of Oregon

  • Peter Welch of Vermont

Here are the 15 GOP senators who voted against the bill:

  • John Barrasso of Wyoming

  • Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee

  • Mike Braun of Indiana

  • Ted Budd of North Carolina

  • Ted Cruz of Texas

  • Bill Hagerty of Tennessee

  • Josh Hawley of Missouri

  • Ron Johnson of Wisconsin

  • Mike Lee of Utah

  • Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming

  • Roger Marshall of Kansas

  • Marco Rubio of Florida

  • Eric Schmitt of Missouri

  • Rick Scott of Florida

  • JD Vance of Ohio

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