19 Signs That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Funnier Than Any Male Comedian I've Ever Seen

We've been at this for a while, so you know what this is: It's the funniest and most enjoyable signs from the past week, courtesy of r/funnysigns. Enjoy!

1."What the heck is going on at this hospital?"

Sign on a vending machine showing an endoscope tool and warning "Endoscopy equipment is NOT to be used for stealing food from the vending machine!"

2."Very well said, The Management."

Hotel sign stating dogs are welcome because they don't cause disturbances. Ends with "So if your dog can vouch for you, you’re welcome too. -The Management."

3."This is what happens when you don't proofread."

Banners hung in front of a building display the letters "WTF" vertically. Underneath each letter, the words read: "worship," "teaching," and "friends."

4."Two ways to read it."

Hotel Cass neon sign mounted vertically on the side of a building in an urban area. A street lamp and construction crane are visible in the background

5."Screw this."

A notice reads, "No drinks back here unless they have a screw on top. Thank Management." Below the notice, a cup with a screw on its lid is placed on the table

6."They're up to no good!"

Sign with images of two geese and text saying, "Do not let the geese in the building. They do not work here."

7."To push or not to push, that is the question."

Sign on glass door says "PUSH" but a note below it reads "Please do not push door." Outside the door is a parking lot

8."Just in case you weren’t sure…"

Warning sign showing a person in a wheelchair descending a steep slope with an alligator at the bottom

9."No fishing?! Come on!"

Diagram showing proper and improper toilet use. Do's: sit normally. Don'ts: squatting, standing, and other incorrect positions are marked with red circles and slashes

10."Found this a while ago at a train station in Germany."

IKEA advertisement featuring a guillotine with the text: "Richest 1% account for more carbon emissions than poorest 66%. GJLOTIN Guillotine €299. Fighting is inevitable."

11."Listen to the sign."

Wooden sign with text "In case of fire raise this flap." Below, three stick figures in fire hats hold a hose spraying water
u/nicoxman8_ / Via reddit.com
A wooden sign with the text "NOT NOW STUPID! IN CASE OF FIRE"

12."Let's start over!"

A sign in a grassy area reads, "I want to be 14 again and ruin my life differently. I have ideas."

13."Hungry for rookies."

Drawing of three sharks from "Finding Nemo" with text: "New Employees are friends, NOT FOOD."

14."Found at a cafe in Cape Town."

A sign reads, "FREE COFFEE SEXY BARISTAS & FALSE ADVERTISING." The sign is placed on a gravel surface next to a staircase

15."Day rental or long term?"

A sign on a brick building reads "FOR RENT" with a torn banner next to it that appears to spell "HOES". A car is parked in front

16."I'm going to the sh*t show."

A stop sign is next to a handmade sign that reads "SHIT SHOW" with an arrow pointing right. There is also a road sign that reads "HWY 22"

17."Alaska isn't in Europe..."

Sign reads: Taste of Europe. Below is a poster with three soft serve ice cream cones and text: Frozen Yogurt Experience, Taste Alaska, Cool Delights

18."Not 12 mph!!!"

Campus speed limit sign showing 11.5 mph, mounted on a pole with a background of trees and buildings

19."Unnecessary, necessary."

A sign above wind chimes humorously states they are made from the metallic bones of robots who tried to overthrow humans and suggests hanging them as a warning

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