Bribe your friends, get a cheap Wii from Gamefly

Gamefly, the online video game rental service that takes forever to ship games to our apartment, is offering a compelling deal to current members who have yet to pick up a Wii. By referring five friends to Gamefly, you can earn either a console or one year of rental service. Unfortunately, the site is down at the moment, so we can't check the terms too closely.

The Last Boss concocted a devilishly devious plan for a not-quite-free-but-still-pretty-dang-cheap system: give five of your friends the $8.95 for the lowest tier of Gamefly membership, and have them all say you referred them. It's a lot easier than convincing five people to spend their own money!

Try as we might, we can't think of a way to interpret this practice as immoral or "cheating." Your friends all get a month of game rentals on your dime, Gamefly gets that same dime, and you get a Wii. Of course, Gamefly's side of it-- in which they're bribing you and indirectly motivating you to bribe others-- is more questionable. But who are we to argue ethics in the face of discount video game consoles?

[Via The Last Boss]