World map and points of interest in latest Final Fantasy XIV update

When news starts coming from Famitsu regarding Final Fantasy XIV, it usually heralds information coming direct from Square-Enix shortly thereafter. Only a short time after the leak that gave us a look at the world map and some of the points of interest, the official site updated with more information on the world. While there was some information accessible from the prior scans, the new section on Limsa Lominsa details the city extensively, as well as adding sections for the two other city states, Ul'dah and Gridania.

Although the three states each bear some similarities to Final Fantasy XI's great nations, they're quite different in feel and in scope. The biggest similarity seems to be that much like the previous game, they're filled with distinct personalities and locations. Limsa Lominsa is the only city to get full detailing on its landmarks, but those range from the former pirate dive that's been turned into the adventurer's guild (The Drowning Wench) to the city's center at an ancient swamped battleship (The Mizzenmast). Final Fantasy XIV fans are encouraged to take a look at the official site for its updates, which continue to paint the world of Eorzea in broad strokes.