2021's cutest baby animals

Here are some of the cutest baby animals of 2021

LOCATION: Saint-Aignan, France

Twin pandas Fleur-de-Coton and Petite-Neige

are born in France's Beauval Zoo

LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona

Penzi the baby elephant romps around in a snowy winter wonderland

LOCATION: Chester, England

Chester Zoo welcomes a new baby giraffe, Albert

LOCATION: Riga, Latvia

This seal pup gives his mother a kiss

LOCATION: Guadalajara, Mexico

A Mexican zoo celebrates its latest addition: a baby hippopotamus

LOCATION: Wirral, England

Rescued baby hedgehogs enjoy their breakfast at a hoglet nursery

LOCATION: Tacoma, Washington

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium welcomed baby armadillo Segway

born to parents Vespa and Scooter