This 2022 Honda Civic already has almost 250,000 miles on the clock

You may think you drive more than the average person, but you’ve got nothing on the former owner of this 2022 Honda Civic. Listed for sale at a Houston-area dealership, the car shows a whopping 248,740 miles – an average of more than 600 miles daily. If you’re brave or just want a good (see: expensive) story to tell your friends, the car is listed at Weeks Motors.

Tire Meets Road uncovered the sales listing for the car, which is up for $18,999. The previous owner was a medical courier and used his vehicle to deliver supplies in and around Houston. Tire Meets Road pulled a Carfax report, which shows the one-owner car as having been well cared for over its surprisingly busy life. The owner had all routine service and repair items taken care of on time at Rusty Wallis Honda in Dallas. Within the first three days of ownership, the car had already racked up 10,361 miles and was in for its first oil change and tire service.

A little more than two weeks later, the new Honda owner had accumulated 20,039 miles, and the trend continued from there. By July of this year, just 12 months after purchase, the Honda had a reported 236,856 miles when it got a final oil change before being listed for sale with its current mileage.

We can debate the highs and lows of highway miles until the cows come home, but there’s no denying this car has already lived a tough life and has more miles under its belt in one year than many cars see in a lifetime of use. That said, this car appears to have been meticulously maintained, so it’s likely in better running shape than a car that had been run into the ground and neglected.

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