2023 Acura TLX adds a couple of service amenities, price increases

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The Acura TLX busted out an all-new second generation for the 2021 model year, one-upping that with a TLX Type S, and ringing the bell with the TLX Type S PMC Edition for the 2023 model year. With the fireworks still echoing from all that, 2023 will be an otherwise quiet year for the sedan range. The upgrades are service oriented, the automaker throwing in three years of AcuraLink and the Security and Remote packages free. The Remote Package can speak directly to the car with commands like remote start and stop or lock and unlock, or owners can give the car commands through Amazon Alexa Auto. Alerts like Find My Car and Stolen Vehicle Locator can keep tabs on the car's location, worried parents can keep tabs on teens with features like Geofence Alert and Speed Alert. The Security Package handles matters like crash notifications, calls to emergency services, and roadside assistance.

Acura's also added its Maintenance Package to the stock offering. This gets two years or 24,000 miles of scheduled maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations. Any remaining balance can be transferred to a new owner if the car is sold before the time or mileage limits are reached.

Finally, it's not mentioned in the press release, but the 2.0T in base spec with SH-AWD and the 2.0T with the Technology Pack and SH-AWD are missing from the 2023 price list. That leaves eight models in the range thanks to the addition of the PMC Edition.

Prices for the holdovers are up, surprise, surprise. MSRPs for the 2023 TLX range, including the $1,095 destination charge for the standard sedans and the $1,995 destination charge for the PMC Edition, and the changes from 2022, are:

  • TLX 2.0T: $40,745 ($750)

  • TLX 2.0T Technology Pack: $44,745 ($750)

  • TLX 2.0T A-Spec Pack: $47,495 ($750)

  • TLX 2.0T A-Spec Pack SH-AWD: $49,695 ($750)

  • TLX 2.0T Advanced Pack SH-AWD: $51,945 ($950)

  • TLX 3.0T Type S SH-AWD: $56,445 ($1,650)

  • TLX 3.0T Type S SH-AWD with Performance Wheels and Tires: $57,245 ($1,650)

  • TLX 3.0T Type S SH-AWD PMC Edition: $63,995

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