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2023 Ford GT Mk IV is a more powerful, track-only GT

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Ford is wrapping up the run of this GT supercar generation with a wild final model. It's the 2023 Ford GT Mk IV, named after the Mk IV versions of the original GT40 that raced in 1967. Like those '60s racers, the new GT Mk IV gets massively changed and lengthened bodywork. It also packs suspension and powertrain changes.

Compared to the last special track version of this GT generation, the Mk II, the Mk IV has a longer wheelbase and a unique body with a longer tail, all in the service of better aerodynamics. It also has different fenders, hood and front bumper. It loses the full headlights of other GT models and has truly enormous radiator intakes on each side, as well.

The GT Mk IV also gets a beefier twin-turbo V6. It has a larger displacement (which Ford did not share, unfortunately) and will make more than 800 horsepower. That should be at least 100 more than the GT Mk II had.

Ford also says it has bestowed a "racing transmission" and updated suspension to the Mk IV, but it didn't go into any detail about what distinguished those parts from the Mk II, regular GT or even the GT race cars. It didn't say anything about the exact weight of the car, either. Hopefully we'll have more details in the future.

Ford did share pricing and how to get one. Only 67 will be built, and the base price will be $1.7 million. That's actually more examples than the Mk II, and also a few hundred thousand dollars more in cost. Prospective buyers can apply at this website, and Ford will determine who will get the cars in the first quarter of next year. Deliveries will come in the spring.

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