2023 Ford Maverick exterior paint colors leaked

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Official details about the 2023 Ford Maverick aren't available yet, but a leak on the company's consumer website has revealed the colors that will be available during the next model year. Compared to 2022, the Maverick's first year, two colors join the palette and two disappear.

Posted on enthusiast forum Maverick Truck Club, the screenshot allegedly shows a page that was erroneously published on the Ford website and quickly taken down. It lists 11 colors for the 2023 Maverick including two that are new for the upcoming model year: Atlas Blue Metallic Metallic and Avalanche Gray. Neither is completely new; Atlas Blue Metallic is already available on the F-150, for example.

Atlas Blue seemingly replaces Velocity Blue, which doesn't appear in the document detailing the colors available for 2023. The other drop-out is Rapid Red Metallic, which isn't surprising because it was exclusive to the First Edition model that Ford offered for a limited time.

The rest of the palette is unchanged. In addition to the two aforementioned colors, buyers in the market for a 2023 Maverick will be able to choose Hot Pepper Red Metallic, Shadow Black, Iconic Silver Metallic, Area 51, Alto Blue Metallic, Carbonized Gray Metallic, Cactus Gray, Cyber-Orange Metallic, and Oxford White. Ford notes that Hot Pepper Red, Alto Blue, and Cyber-Orange are extra-cost options, though the document stops short of revealing pricing information. For context, these colors cost $390, $390, and $495, respectively, in 2022.

Official details about the 2023 Ford Maverick should emerge in the not-too-distant future. There could be more changes in store beyond the palette: in July 2022, our spies spotted an enigmatic, off-road-esque new variant of the Maverick (perhaps a new member of the Tremor squad?) testing near Ford's headquarters.

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