2024 Chinese horoscope: 12 zodiac animals forecast for the year of the Wood Dragon by Joey Yap

What's in store for you according to your Chinese zodiac for 2024?

Dragon and lantern decorations for Chinese New Year to depict the zodiac animal signs for 2024.
According to the Chinese calendar, 2024 will be the year of the Wood Dragon. Find out what's ahead for your zodiac animal sign. (Photos: Getty Images)

By Dato’ Joey Yap

The Lunar New Year is set to arrive on 10 February 2024, yet the transition into the Year of the Wood Dragon will happen much earlier from 4 February onwards. With it comes changes in annual energy that affects your decision-making and more or less shape your opportunities and challenges based on your zodiac animal sign.

By being aware of the factors that play into the choices we make based on what energy influences us, we can maximise our potential and minimise the negative effects.

12 Chinese Horoscope Forecast by Joey Yap. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)
12 Chinese Horoscope Forecast by Joey Yap. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Thus, every year, we study and document how energy would affect the 12 Animal Signs differently and what strategies we can employ to take full advantage of it.

Here’s what you can expect for the 12 Animal Signs in 2024:

2024 can be a rewarding year for Dragons in terms of creativity and finances. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)
2024 can be a rewarding year for Dragons in terms of creativity and finances. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


As 2024 is the year of the Dragon, you’ll take centre stage this year as the Grand Duke. Traditionally, it is considered inauspicious. But this is only because of what the star brings – attention.

When it is the year of your Animal Sign, all eyes are on you. If you’re not used to attention, it can be a rather stressful year indeed. However, if you familiarise yourself or even learn to enjoy it, this could be your year to garner recognition.

In fact, it’s a great you for to explore new wealth opportunities whether locally or abroad. For Dragons who are ambitious and decisive, 2024 can be a rewarding year in terms of creativity and finances.

Of course, be sure not to burn yourself out. It’s a balancing act between putting yourself forward to be noticed and taking a step back to find some room for you to breath.

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Snakes will find that it’s easier for them to pick up new skills and learn new things in 2024. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


If there is one theme to 2024 for the Snake, it would be a year of learning. This year, you’ll find that it’s easier for you to pick up new skills and learn new things.

This would be the ideal time for you to educate yourself on all the things you’ve always wanted to do. What’s more, if you need a helping hand to do so, mentors are readily available provided you take the step to seek them. In fact, it’s quite recommended for you to do so.

When you engross yourself in the process of learning something new, it can provide a sense of meaning, progress and happiness in your life. This would in fact quell some self-doubt you might have and boost your own self-esteem as well.

You might feel the need to be by yourself – more than usual – but try to make a conscious effort in opening yourself up to others. You can gain some new perspective as you do so.

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Horses can eliminate whatever small problems they have altogether in 2024. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


There is good news and bad news for the Horse in 2024. The good news is, you can solve your problems this year. The bad news is, you have problems.

In fact, we all have problems in our lives, who doesn’t? What’s important here is to realise that we have control over our own destiny and there is always a solution to our issues – one way or another. It’s one thing to acknowledge it, it’s another thing to address it.

While it may sound unpleasant to hear, take this as a blessing instead. Whatever long-standing problems you might have, you can reduce its size this year.

Whatever small problems you have, Horses can eliminate them altogether. Remember, you’re in charge of yourself.

Take things one step at a time, always focus on “what’s next” and soon enough, you’ll find that your life will be much more manageable.

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For Goats, 2024 is an excellent year for them to try their hands on entrepreneurship and initiate side-gigs. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


For the entrepreneurial and business-minded Goats out there, this could be your year. It’s an excellent year for you to try your hands on entrepreneurship and initiate side-gigs.

It’s rewarding for those who have an opportunistic mindset who are able to see gaps in the market and help will come when you have plans in moving forward. Take advantage of this while you can.

On the flip side, it might be a bumpy ride in getting to where you want to be. That is to say you might find some unforeseen challenges that impede you from reaching your goals.

While the year’s energy might amplify these negative emotions, don’t let it define who you are and what you do. Aside from that, do make some effort to look after your family member’s health as well.

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Monkeys are in for a ride in 2024, from petty people to legal and health issues. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


When it comes to the luck of the 12 Animal Signs, no animal enjoys good fortune forever. While Monkeys have been at the top of their game in recent years, now might be the time where there would be more challenges than there are opportunities.

From petty people to legal and health issues, you’re in for a ride in 2024. The name of a game here however is not letting it get to you.

When difficulties appear, how would you approach it? It’s natural to feel upset, to get frustrated or even angered.

However, you are not your emotions. How you feel does not always translate to who you are. In fact, consider is as growing pains – and growth happens in stages. You get through one stage of your life, then move on to the next; one step at a time.

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Roosters can expect a great 2024 for a number of pursuits – particularly relationships. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


A great year can be expected for Roosters in 2024 as the energies are conducive for a number of pursuits – particularly relationships. It can be personal, professional or even romantic.

Of course, even if you are gifted with a lot of opportunities to mingle around, you still have to be the one initiating it. After all, as you are more charismatic and attractive this year, make the effort to show the world what you got.

In your career, you would be able to rub shoulders with highly influential people. In your personal capacity and in general, you’ll attract more individuals to your side. Basically, life is easier when people like you.

If there’s anything you need to be wary of however is to ensure that you’d accept the right people into your life. With your luck this year, you can afford to be a bit pickier and have quality control in who gets to spend time with you.

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Dogs who want to initiate some changes in their lives, now would be the time. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


It’s going to be a very interesting year for the Dog in 2024 as it will be your “clash” year. What does it mean? Among other things, it means big changes in a way that you might find to be outside of your comfort zone.

If you want to initiate some changes in your life, now would be the time. New job, new relationship, new circles, you decide.

Whether you like it not, change is coming in 2024. If you do nothing, it will happen to you. If you are the one to initiate it however, it would be on your terms.

Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean it would be unfavourable. It might even be the push you sorely need for you to elevate yourself and reach newer heights. Try to look into spiritual pursuits, it can help.

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Come 2024, Pigs are likely to gain power, authority and influence. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Pigs are large and in charge come 2024 as you’re likely to gain power, authority and influence. You’ll take the lead, you’ll call the shots, whatever you want to happen will happen.

Before you can become a leader however, you have to remember to give others a good reason to be under your command. Try to get the right knowledge and people skills required to lead effectively.

This is especially important because you are also likely to experience fatigue from overworking. That itself brings a slew of other problems such as lack of focus and ailments.

Where and when possible, do check-in on yourself and make sure you’re not biting off more than you can chew. Delegate and rely more on others. Don’t fret too much on the details and you’ll be fine.

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Rats will have their chances to find an increase in wealth in 2024. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


A profitable year can be expected for the Rat in 2024. Whether you’re an employee or an employer, you’ll have your chances to find an increase in wealth for the year of the Wood Dragon.

If you wish to know how you can make this happen, you must first understand the science of money to begin with. What does money translate to? The answer is value.

If you’re working for others, how can you make yourself more valuable and indispensable in your career? If you’re running your own business, what can you offer to the market that fulfils its needs?

These are the questions you have to keep in mind. Based on the annual energies, you do have value to offer. All you have to do now is to discover it, refine it and present it to others.

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The Ox will find plenty of celebrations, increase in wealth, blessings and good tidings in 2024. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


The Ox in 2024 has a very interesting luck where they’re never lacking in both opportunities and challenges. While uncertainty runs high, you can be certain that it won’t be mundane.

If this is your Animal Sign, you’ll find plenty of celebrations, increase in wealth, blessings and good tidings. You will also find plenty of pleasantries as well.

Among other things, there might be feelings of isolation, unintentionally offending others as well as miscommunication. Despite the complexities that this year would bring, remember this – your energy feeds whatever you focus on.

These things might happen simultaneously, but if you focus on the negativity that is all you will see. Count your blessings and enjoy what’s good in your life.

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Time management is the key Tigers need for a fruitful 2024. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


If you have plans to travel in 2024, it’s an excellent year to do so if you’re a Tiger. With certain energies backing your corner, you will find the opportunities to go abroad and broaden your horizon.

Other than that, it’s also going to be a busy year for you – plenty of things to do, a lot of things on your plate. But, know this; busy does not always mean productive.

Time management is the key you need for a fruitful 2024. When you get your priorities straight, you’ll find that you can get more things done faster and with less energy.

With more resources to spare, you can use them to create a bigger impact in your life. Do note, however, that your immunity system is waning this year, so take the necessary precautions.

Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore
It’s time for Rabbits to take a back seat in 2024. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Back in 2023, Rabbit was the Grand Duke. As we enter 2024, it’s time for them to take a back seat.

Rabbits are more likely to fall ill this year. Normally, it’s not a serious or major threat, but it does get in the way unless addressed properly. This can also lead to other issues such as paranoia and impatience and if it’s not nip in the bud, it can spiral out of control.

That is why it’s important for you to seek treatment the soonest you can. In fact, it’s actually a good year for you to do so.

If you consider yourself healthy, it’s a good time to pick up better habits and maintain that. You should also learn to establish better goals for yourself and temper your expectations.

When you do so, you might find serendipity when the results exceed what you initially anticipated.

To find out more information on all the 12 animals for 2024, download the Thriver’s Guide here: www.joeyyap.com/yahoo

(Chinese Astrology is an insightful and fascinating area of Chinese Metaphysics. It is also marked as a popular guide to the prospects of the year. The Thriver’s Guide 2024 has been written in a way so that any beginner with no prior knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics could learn and immediately put to use the information within.)

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