2024 French legislative elections: Results of the first round

French President Emmanuel Macron dissolved the National Assembly in June and called for snap legislative elections, with a first round of voting on June 30 and a second round on July 7. A total of 577 seats are up for grabs in the lower-house National Assembly, and France's next prime minister will likely come from the party or coalition winning the most seats.

Marine Le Pen's far-right National Rally party led France's snap parliamentary elections on Sunday with 33% of the vote, according to the interior ministry, with the leftist alliance New Popular Front following in second place at almost 28%. President Macron's ruling coalition trailed in third place with 20%.

Macron shocked France when he dissolved the National Assembly on June 9, hours after the far right significantly outperformed his centrist coalition in the European elections.

To see how the first round of the snap polls unfolded on Sunday, read FRANCE 24's liveblog.

The far-right National Rally party is estimated to win between 230 and 280 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly. The second-biggest group is projected to be the leftist New Popular Front with between 125 and 165 seats and President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist Ensemble coalition at between 70 and 100 seats.

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