23 Years Later, We've Discovered An Amazing GameCube Easter Egg

The GameCube's opening screen.
The GameCube's opening screen.

Have you ever heard of GameCube’s squeaks? Perhaps we’re revealing some embarrassing gap in our collective knowledge at Kotaku in admitting we hadn’t, but we have now. And we’ve scientifically tested it. There’s a bizarre start-up Easter egg on the 2001 Nintendo console, and it makes it get all cute.

Yes, after 23 years, we’re bringing you all the hottest Nintendo console news, in reporting that with just a press of the controller’s Z button, a GameCube’s boot-up screen sound effects switch from the familiar xylophonic ditty, to something that sounds like a baby’s squeaky toy, complete with a child’s laughter.

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If you watch the video above, you’ll see why it feels like it should be fake. It could so easily have been the two people in the video goofing about with a baby toy off camera, and some creepy .wav of a kid’s laughter. But, nope, it’s confirmed!

We haven’t, admittedly, tested the second half of the video’s claims, with four controller’s plugged in at the same time, as it turns out I only own a single GC controller, despite being able to find multiples of everything else from Atari 2600 joysticks to Dreamcast’s house-sized gamepads.

Secret Castle’s Tiktok has almost half a million followers, so don’t expect to be able to impress too many people with this revelation for too long. Also, that store looks amazing. If you’re in Owensboro, Kentucky, you probably already know it.

Join us in five years time when we’ll bring you news of the Wii’s screenshot puzzle Easter egg.

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