28 police cars chase a Perodua Bezza from Petaling Jaya to Cyberjaya, two out of four suspects arrested

Further inspection of the car after the high-speed chase uncovered burglary tools, raising questions about the suspects' intentions

A composite image of a chase in Malaysia
A viral video capturing the intensity of the pursuit revealed a convoy of approximately 28 police patrol vehicles racing through the streets. (Photo: Cyberjaya Telegram Group & yongl95/Twitter/X)

CYBERJAYA witnessed a high-speed pursuit on Tuesday morning (5 December) involving up to 28 police patrol cars chasing a Perodua Bezza through the city streets. The chase, which originated in Petaling Jaya, ended with the arrests of a man and a woman, while two other male suspects managed to evade the authorities.

The pursuit unfolded when patrolling police noticed a Perodua Bezza, containing three men and a woman, driving around suspiciously.

As the police attempted to intercept the vehicle, the suspects started accelerating, prompting the police to initiate a high-speed chase.

A viral video captured the intensity of the pursuit, and revealed a convoy of approximately 28 police patrol vehicles racing through the streets, with supposedly 18 of them from Petaling Jaya leading the charge.

The pursuit ultimately led to Cyberjaya, where the suspects were apprehended. During the arrest, two of the male suspects escaped by jumping out of the speeding vehicle, while the remaining man and woman were detained.

Further inspection of the Perodua Bezza uncovered burglary tools, raising questions about the suspects' intentions.

Petaling Jaya District police chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohamad Fakhrudin Abdul Hamid, confirmed the incident to New Straits Times and the subsequent arrest of the suspects.

He assured that a media statement regarding the case would be issued.

Netizens equate it to a Grand Theft Auto chase

Social media buzzed with reactions to a video compiling all footage of the high-speed chase, with netizens sharing their thoughts on platforms like Twitter/X and Reddit.

One Twitter/X user humorously remarked, "Is this the GTA trailer?", while another playfully suggested that the Perodua Bezza car salesman could use the incident to boost sales.

“The Bezza car salesman only needs to show this and his sales will go flying!” said user @frdauzakaria.

“Early in the morning Bezza already gets 5 star!” said another user, @sayaezham.

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