3 Norwegian Dudes Set World Record By Visiting 19 Countries in 24 Hours

Brittany Jones Cooper
Y! Travel Journal
Øystein Djupvik, Tay-young, and Gunnar Garfors set a world record by visiting 19 countries in 24 hours. (Photo: Gunnar Garfors)

On September 21, three Norwegian men managed to visit 19 countries in 23 hours and 33 minutes. Traveling by car and plane, Gunnar Garfors, 39, Tay-young, 42, and Øystein Djupvik, 40, started their journey in Greece, and stopped through Hungary, Slovakia, and Luxembourg before wrapping up their quick tour in Liechtenstein.

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On his website, Garfors detailed how they made their crazy road trip into a record-breaking reality using three rules outlined by the organization Recordsetter. The rules were:

1. Must physically stand in each country

2. Must complete visits within any consecutive 24-hour period

3. Must provide media evidence

Armed with their guidelines, the three friends physically stood in each country and documented their presence with a photo. Still doubting they actually visited all 19 countries? The adventurers also mapped and documented their journey using a GPS tracker, where you can see exactly when and where they drove through each country.

Almost there! The trio celebrate arriving in Switzerland, the 18th country they visited in 24 hours. (Photo: Gunnar Gafors)

And this wasn’t their first attempt at setting the world record for most countries visited in 24 hours. The trio tied the world record in 2012 when they breezed through 17 countries in the allotted time. But according to Garfors’ site, “sharing world records isn’t quite our cup of tea,” so they decided to try again. 

Their journey was filmed by a photographer who is currently editing a documentary about their epic road trip. They’ve even released a short snippet where Øystein Djupvik recaps his experience by saying, "It felt really great to get come sleep after we finished."

Stop #8: Slovenia (Photo: Gunnar Gafors)
Stop #12: Austria (Photo: Gunnar Gafors)

See photos from each of the 19 countries on Gunnar Gafors’ website. 

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