Man arrested in Woodlands for causing public annoyance while drunk

The incident was captured in videos shared on social media

Video screenshots of drunk man fighting two policemen and getting arrested
The incident was shared on social media by the Instagram page SgfollowsAll (Photos: SgfollowsAll/Instagram).

SINGAPORE - A 48-year-old man was arrested for causing annoyance to the public at Woodlands Industrial Park E7 last Sunday (5 February).

According to a police statement, the man was allegedly drunk and arrested under Section 14(2) of the Liquor Control Act after they received a call for assistance at 8.31pm.

The incident was first shared in a video post on the Instagram account 'SgfollowsAll' on Tuesday morning (7 February).

The first part of the video showed a man pinned to the ground and handcuffed by two policemen, followed by a second part capturing the man's arrest.

The man, clad in a dark blue t-shirt and light blue denim bermudas, could be seen in the video fighting the two policemen before one appeared to give the man a stern verbal warning.

Both officers proceeded to pin the man down and handcuff him.

A crowd, mostly consisting of elderly folks, had gathered to watch the incident.

Police investigations are currently ongoing.

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