5 Signs You Are Trapped in a Dead End Job

By Brian Halim (guest contributor)

Feeling stuck in a career rut but not sure why? Here are five signs that indicate you may be caught in a dead-end job:

1. You take full ‘advantage’ of the eight hours you are working

You arrive 30 minutes late for work (“It’s only 30 minutes, everyone does it, right?”)

You leave for an early lunch (“We need to be early! Otherwise, the seats will be occupied.”)

You come back late from lunch (“Lunch has made me so sleepy, I don’t have the mood to work.”)

You leave work on the dot (“We are not paid to do overtime. We should leave early to catch the bus.”)

2. You count the hours, minutes, and sometimes even seconds while working

More often than not, you find yourself looking at the time. You become uninterested with the work you are doing and are waiting for the magical 11.30am (early lunch) and 5.30pm (knock off time).

3. You spend time surfing the web aimlessly

You find yourself on Facebook or other news sites. You refresh your page to look at your latest news feed. You even spend time uploading your latest photos instead of working.

You might also monitor the stock market, especially when volatility is high. You start chatting with friends online.

4. Your manager gives you a poor appraisal when you think you deserve better

You feel unappreciated for the work that you have done. Your manager did not give you credit for the things you have done, and instead gives you a lousy appraisal.

“On-target” appraisal might mean that your boss wants to keep you around to settle the drudge work but might not see much future for you. He may not even be bothered if you decide to leave.

5. You have senior responsibilities, but junior pay

You feel that you are worth more than your current salary. You compare your salary with your other friends working in similar fields. You then compare your bonuses and annual increment as well and find that you deserve better.

Take your time to evaluate yourself. If you feel that your worth is unjustified, make the effort to look for a job that rewards you appropriately. On the other hand, if you are lazy, then make yourself worth the salary that people are paying you.

By guest contributor Brian Halim, a professional accountant who blogs at A Path to Forever Financial Freedom. Posted via www.MoneyMatters.sg, your guide on how to make more money, save smarter, invest intelligently, and enjoy your money like a pro. Click here to get our free report on what you must know about financial freedom.

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