6 taken to hospital after lorries collide along Tanah Merah Coast Road

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A screengrab from a video capturing the accident that took place at 70 Tanah Merah Coast Road.
A screengrab from a video capturing the accident that took place at 70 Tanah Merah Coast Road.

SINGAPORE — An accident involving two lorries along Tanah Merah Coast Road on Thursday (27 June) morning resulted in six people taken to hospital.

A 45-second video capturing the incident that has been circulating online shows a DHL delivery lorry travelling along Tanah Merah Coast Road in the direction of the East Coast Parkway hitting another lorry’s rear at high speed.

As the second lorry spins more than 90-degrees from the impact, the six men – all dressed in orange jumpsuits – seated on its rear bed are flung violently onto the road. The lorry also slams into a traffic light.

While four of the men appear to recover quickly and get back on their feet, another two continue to lie on the road as the others render assistance to them.

A spokesperson for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said that its officers responded at about 8.05am to an accident at 70 Tanah Merah Coast Road. Six people at the scene were attended to by SCDF paramedics and were later taken conscious to Changi General Hospital (CGH).

According to a police spokesman, the six people conveyed to CGH were aged from 31 to 40. Police investigations into the accident are ongoing.

Responding to queries from Yahoo News Singapore, a DHL spokesperson said the accident involved a subcontractor who was operating the truck on behalf of DHL Global Forwarding Singapore.

“To our knowledge, two passengers from the other vehicle have been warded at the hospital,” said the spokesperson.

“The subcontractor has made a police report and is currently assisting the police with their investigations.”

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