The 7 Best New Movies on Hulu in May 2024

It’s a long holiday weekend, which means it’s the perfect time to sit back, relax and watch some great movies. We’ve gone to the trouble of thumbing through everything new on Hulu this month to pick out the best of the best, a curated selection of capers, romcoms, action films and even a survival drama that offers a little something for everyone. One thing’s for sure: all of these movies are great.

See our list of the best new movies on Hulu in May 2024 below.


20th Century Studios

A coming-of-age classic, “Big” follows the story of the 12-year-old who makes a wish to be “big” and wakes up the next day as a grown man, played by Tom Hanks. It’s one of Hanks’ best and most underrated performances as he captures the spirit of a 12-year-old in the body of an adult. It’s magic. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore.

Cast Away

20th Century Fox

Speaking of Hanks, “Cast Away” is a banger. The 2000 film stars Hanks as a FedEx employee who becomes stranded on an island after a harrowing plane crash. Director Robert Zemeckis, with whom Hanks worked on “Forrest Gump,” had the brilliant idea to film the first half of the film then take a yearlong break so Hanks could lose weight, then film the rest of the movie – which takes place after a significant time jump and finds Hanks’ character a master survivor on the island – later. Zemeckis made the thriller “What Lies Beneath” in between.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

20th Century Fox

Filmmaker Wes Anderson’s first foray into the world of stop-motion animation resulted in one of his best movies, full-stop. 2009’s “Fantastic Mr. Fox” is a rollicking, whimsical, and slightly melancholy story of a feisty fox father who attempts to combat middle age by acting out – at the expense of his family. The film is based on the book of the same name by Roald Dahl and features an impeccable voice cast that includes George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Willem Dafoe, Owen Wilson and Michael Gambon. This one is great for kids and adults alike.

Ocean’s 8

Warner Bros. Pictures

While not as tight as the original “Ocean’s” trilogy, the spin-off “Ocean’s 8” is a delight all its own. Sandra Bullock plays the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean (who is killed offscreen in this movie), a paroled con artist who assembles a team to pull off a heist at the Met Gala. The cast is incredible (Cate Blanchette, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna), the costumes are gorgeous and the chemistry is palpable in this super fun caper.

That Thing You Do!

20th Century Fox

We’re keeping the Tom Hanks train rolling with his directorial debut “That Thing You Do!” This is an incredible movie from top to bottom. Set in the mid-1960s, it follows the rise and fall of a rock group against the backdrop of The Beatles, The Beach Boys and any number of other bands of that era. Hanks plays the group’s manager while Tom Everett Scott, Jonathan Scaech, Ethan Embry and Steve Zahn play the band members. There’s an undercurrent of melancholy throughout as Hanks gets to the root of what it is to be a struggling artist who might not make it, and the songs are absolute bops.

13 Going on 30

Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30
Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner in “13 Going on 30” (Credit: Sony Pictures)

An absolute delight of a romantic comedy, the 2004 film “13 Going on 30” is the epitome of “feel-good movie.” The story concerns a 13-year-old girls in 1987 who, after being humiliated by her friends, wishes on her birthday that she was 30 years old. She’s then suddenly pushed forward in time to her 30-year-old self’s body (played by Jennifer Garner), and is appalled to see where life has taken her. Garner delivers a terrific performance as a teen trapped in an adult’s body, and her romantic pairing with Mark Ruffalo is swoon-worthy. There’s also a top-notch “Thriller” dance break.

The Die Hard Franchise

Die Hard with a Vengeance
20th Century Studios

Not all “Die Hard” movies are made equal, but we can reasonably recommend the first three “Die Hard” films. The first is a classic and one of the best films ever made, period. A masterclass in story structure and character, Bruce Willis anchors the whole thing as the reluctant hero John McClane, facing obstacle after obstacle as he finds his wife’s holiday party has been overrun by terrorists. And Alan Rickman is incredible. The other standout is “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” the third movie in the franchise that pairs Willis up with Samuel L. Jackson in a “Speed”-esque hunt to find various bombs hidden throughout New York City. And whatever you do, stay far, far away from “A Good Day to Die Hard.”

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